Automatic bagging machines

Two lines for comprehensive solutions for a wide range of products.

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  • For small products, pneumatic filling and automatic blending of up to 5 ingredients following your recipe;
  • Conveyor filling for larger products. Quantities of 100g to 2kg are packed in either printed cling film, in header or plain bags.

nd for your specific requirements: easy-opening and resealable bags, ink-jet printing

Vacuum packing

The produce is protected from the external environment until consumption.

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We propose a wide range of presentations suited to your products’ characteristics: individual pouches, sachet strings of either plain laminate with header or printed laminate. 

And for your specific requirements: a pre-cutting system, cook-safe vacuum film

The Skin-Pack

Use your packing to stand out: Conegan proposes the best presentation for effectively promoting your products.

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On a tray, in a box or sleeve: your product is eye-catching and vacuum protected.

Co-packing and labelling

Our team makes the changes you need for sales campaigns or special offers, modifying details for a short-term requirement.

Bagging in pre-formed sachets

 Our team's expertise covers a wide range of applications: fitted bags with customised presentation, fragile products or any other particular requests.
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For your specific requirements: hygiene labels and variable weight information.

Thermoform trays

Thermoform trays are ideal for small products. Products can be blended before packing.

Three sizes available.

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For your specific requirements: labelling, printed cover film and inside colour film.

Shrink film

Shrinking film on to the contours of individual items makes them easier to see, promoting your product more effectively.

An efficient and pertinent solution for showcasing portions and whole items, individual or assembled.

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For your specific requirements: “special offer” labels, variable weight price labels, positioning in the tray.


 Once your products have been packed in a sachet, vacuum or film, our team places them in a carton or sleeve.

For your specific requirements: We work with our network of carton packing specialists to provide ink-jet printing, labels and any other design requirements.