We have a tunnel freezer and a defroster.


The advantages of this technology: 

  • A double air circuit for optimal homogeneous freezing and defrosting.
  • Rapid results similar to cryogenics, without whitening the products. Your products are reconstituted and labelled “frozen”.
  • Rapid defrosting with controlled temperatures and hydrometry throughout the process.

This freezing equipment is suited for initial treatment of certain products sourced from ports along the coast. 

Using the defrosting process, “refreshed” products can be distributed via the Boulogne logistics network.

We have the solutions you need:

  • Bulk-packed in cartons or boxes after freezing.
  • Conveyor-glazing after freezing.
  • Packing in polystyrene boxes or plastic trays after defrosting.
  • Set or variable weight optional.
  • Weight/price labelling.


Careful control of the glazing operation prevents dehydration of produce until consumption.

Two alternative services:

  • Spray glazing
  • Immersion glazing

The glazing rate is monitored throughout the process