From the outset in 1979, Conegan quickly built a strong reputation as a model service-provider in the seafood sector.

Focused on our profession, we invest in a range of industrial processes and cultivate our know-how to support importers, producers and distributors with the development of new distribution channels.


Conegan is still a small independent company, reputed for the quality of our services and our flexibility. Conegan boasts strong expertise and efficient equipment. We provide our customers with a competent team of 100 and 12 production lines.

And tomorrow, Conegan

CONEGAN is synonym with QUALITY. Excellence is in our genes. We participate in the certification process as a guarantee of our expertise and respect for quality.

A TEAM We conscientiously cultivate respect and values in the workplace.

MODERN equipment with highly functional machinery. Flexible, high-performance TECHNOLOGY to ensure your products reach the distribution chain efficiently.

We minimise our impact on the ENVIRONMENT by choosing ambitious investments and effective partners. As a company, we make a responsible contribution to the local community by creating employment, networking, sourcing locally and preserving our independence.